Of these versions, only the Windows 95 version is independently compatible with a modern XP or later Windows operating system. It supports virtual reality goggles. AGL will slow down the individual process, as opposed to the PC as a whole, so it will work with 64 bit systems. The way to really tell is the old fashioned stopwatch method. However, this solution is quite narrow in tolerance for deviation. That said, every headache is surmountable, although 64 bit users may be well advised to create a dual boot system with a 32 bit OS as well. You can change your windows resolution, output or voodoo settings if need be, and you can even change the rate settings to instead of

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For 32 bit systems, there are a plethora of slowdown utilities available. Views Read Siper View history. However, this solution is quite narrow in tolerance for deviation.

Rf2000 for EF v2. If you match the ideal 1: The following is an example of how to use Super ef2000 in a batch file for launching EF for Win Turbo and [ WinThrottle ] are two utilities that readily come to mind, though I super ef2000 WinThrottle because its command line parameters make it useful in a batch file.

Running EF2000 on a Modern System

Sign In Don’t have an account? With padlock, the computer could lock onto a target and follow it around the cockpit even when the target maneuvers from in front of the player’s aircraft.


Note that you will want to run this test with the software that you will normally be using while you play EF Gameplay consists of quick combat, simulator free flight modetraining, multiplayer super ef2000 campaign mode. The other potential pitfall is that not only must your controller super ef2000 be gameport compatible, but the controller must be analog as well.

Your goal is to find a slowdown setting that best matches a minute of game time with a minute of real time. This is your starting point!

This article needs additional citations for verification. Windows ME does not provide the super ef2000 DOS environment required to run the program, and any later operating super ef2000 runs only in protected mode. Mid-air refueling is included. It supports virtual reality goggles. This article will briefly touch on some of the different versions of EF, then discuss how to get EF to run on a current Windows system. Missions require the player to evade ground-based and airborne defenses.

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EF (video game) – Wikipedia

Computer Gaming World That said, super ef2000 headache is surmountable, although 64 bit users may be well advised to create a dual boot system with a 32 bit OS as well. Some things might happen a bit too fast such as panning with the hatswitch, or explosion animationsbut overall the game will be smooth and controllable. This section needs expansion. Graphics features included naturally irregular topography, clouds and darkening skies at sper altitudes.


If what I described suuper what you see, then you are likely at a speed that is slightly too fast. Unfortunately, ef200 slowdown feature is not as efficient as the other options in super ef2000 section, and my test results showed that the program only ran smoothly when the game ran at 1.

If one minute of game time counts down in less than a wuper of real time, the game is running too fast and you need to bump up your slowdown settings. The joystick settings assume 4 axes with a hat switch. Retrieved from ” http: Your first order of business is to find an approximate slowdown value super ef2000 your system I have super ef2000 in WinThrottle to work well on a Q processor.

Given EF’s age, it will run too fast on a modern system unless it is slowed down somehow.

Either way, you will want to use a stopwatch to determine how much actual time it takes to count a super ef2000 of in-game time. This section will discuss options. Following the initial release, enhancements to the original package were released in Europe including Siper EF, which was designed for Windows