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The Rules for Arbitration of the Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (The Lagos Centre) were first drafted in 1999 and are adopted from the UNITED NATIONS COMMISSION ON INTERNATIONAL TRADE LAW (UNCITRAL) Arbitration Rules which were in themselves adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1976.

The revised Centre Rules take effect from 1st July 2008 for arbitrations held on/or after that date.  Such modifications as are necessary have been introduced to add institutional features to an otherwise body of ad-hoc Rules, widely drawn to satisfy diverse jurisdictions and cultures across the globe.

Reference to the Model Arbitration Clauses for both future disputes (Clause Compromisoire) and existing disputes (Compromise) have been made in the footnotes to the Rules.

Worthy of note also, is the provision in the Rules for appointment of experienced international arbitrators from the Centre’s international panel of arbitrators where the need arises in circumstances where the parties have failed or are unable to nominate arbitrators themselves-and the Rules require the Centre to make such appointments.

I should point out also that the Centre would administer International Arbitration under other Arbitration Rules; for example, the UNCITRAL-RULES.

It is our hope that parties to arbitrations would find it expedient to utilize these Rules, while we sincerely thank all who contributed towards its revision; especially key contacts in the United Kingdom.

Eunice R. Oddiri    
Director of Centre

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