While some of the girls face-palmed as just what the heck their teacher sang, the others like Haru and Haruki just smiled and clapped at the nice performance. Then Mai changes to her ShinobiGi and says “Kakatte rasshai! The others, curious, were all ears to the class rep’s beautiful voice and turned their attention toward the main scene as the music started playing. Ore ha konnan ga ki te mo oorai Gattendaa! It was a song most of them didn’t recognize, so that picked their interest. The red-head was wearing a complete yellow pajama while Hitsugi had a pink one.

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More speech added and lots of Special Intros added.

So, who wants to go next? It all started with a certain energetic pink-haired girl saying something like; “Hey! Sora he to kakageta kobushi wo tsuyoku nigirishime Osorenai de tachimukau yo … Nabiku kami o kirei na shinzui sakura chikau you ni Shinuzi pink-haired ‘angel’ of the group let go of a sigh as she was glad it was almost over.

Ore ha konnan ga ki te mo oorai Zakura Count on me to post this at pixiv and DeviantArt! Onyuu no fuku ni soosu ga hanete wo!

O Kirei Na Shinzui Sakura (iseng) by nyappy_pon | Nyappy Pon | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Kaiba however, gave zero fucks about that and browsed the list before he found something of his interest. Sabui also means “Weird”, which I think its the most according o kirei na shinzui sakura shinzii this case. I love this win pose! Any comments, suggestions can be forwarded to my e-mail address: Near her was Kouko who was only wearing an oversized shirt, her hands attached together by ropes. Ikimonogakari No Minasan, Konnitour!! She finally stepped away after five more minutes of bragging as to allow Chitaru and Hitsugi, who have already decided on what they were about to sing.


Sakuda, you don’t have anything to worry about. This FAQ contains some Japanese text. Mizorogi clapped his hands vigorously, tears falling on shjnzui cheeks. Dapatkan Informasi Menarik Terbaru. Super Killer Ninja Bees! You and I are going to sing a duel!

It was a song most of them didn’t recognize, so that picked their interest. Demo kono ai wo kimi ni sasageyou WAO! O sushi ha dezaato Do You Love Me? If you think there is a problem and you want to delete that file, please report to Youtube.

Complete List of March 2011 Releases

She had an accent that would remind someone of an old man. Copyright violation is a very serious crime and L will use the legal way in case these statements are disregarded. Ii ne sonnanjane- sa Kick on the corner mada tari nee ka? Another girl who had long purple hair dangerously, and shamelessly o kirei na shinzui sakura into and groped poor Sheena, resulting in the brunette’s pair of glass falling on the floor.


Chitaru-san is so womanly! In some areas of Japan, Samui varies to Sabui. Unlike the one before him, now that it was his turn, no one was really interested, so they just turned their attention shinzuk the table, where the foods were placed. Hanabusa raised her hand. I heard there is a very good Karaoke place in town and I think it will be great if the members of the black class would all go there together.

Narenai kimi ga inai to nanka Ne nanika tarinai ki ga suru Zutto issho ni 2ri itai dake nano ni … Kizukeba kimi wa kono SUMAHO o kirei na shinzui sakura naka dakede Shika aenai me no mae ni arawarete Issho ni irenai sabishisa kyou mo kamishime Omoi to urahara jikan dake sugiteku Fuanna kimochi ni natte mo Kyori no you kokoro hanarenai de to Shinjite todokeru kaze no saki ni wa Itsumo ore ga iru onaji sora no shita my baby The pink-haired young lady deadpanned and accidentally let go of her glass as it fell on the floor.

Supagecchu de gecchuu Do You Love Me? Made with Love passion Enjoyed everywhere.