Exit WinRunner after changing any setting because the wrun. Zip up your script directory before you open your script after a crash. Timeout for w aiting for synchronization message:. Specifies a text file containing command line options. Anticipation — Debug Tests for its ability to handle known and potential conditions. It is designed to function with Windows applications, and it was designed by Mercury. Answer Questions What does it mean by unlimited processing power and quantum core processor?

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HP Software offers a comprehensive enterprise software portfolio to help you optimize and secure your applications, information and infrastructure with confidence. Remember to reinstall extra add-ins such as Java. For example, when the delay is two seconds and the timeout is ten seconds, WinRunner checks the window mercury interactive winrunner 8.2 the mrecury under test every two seconds until two consecutive checks produce the same results or until ten seconds have elapsed.

During this step, build in your scripts the ability to handle various conditions the application might encounter, such as pop-up error and informational messages.

HP WinRunner – Wikipedia

Free – Orbicon framework engine is a CMS engine available for licensing to experienced professional. Main modules are dynamically compiled only when WinRunner recognizes a “call” statement such as: Save scripts under this folder. Remove code that gets captured when you click on the inheractive to get back to WinRunner. Data Configuration WinRunner automatically creates a folder when it saves a new script.


Note that you will need to provide a valid email address. Don’t use Version 6. If you have multiple monitors, put the WinRunner Editor window on the right monitor.

If during a load command you get the message “The line is too long to be displayed”, open the script and check for recent changes, usually misplacement of parentheses, braces, quotes, and other special intercative. Some scripts commands assume that the cursor is placed at a certain spot and it won’t mercury interactive winrunner 8.2 properly if you’re moving the mouse around at the same time.

However, many automated tests often fail here because of the inability to test the app in a “fixed” state. A default check treats as an error any difference in the value of data Content or in the ColumnsCount and RowCounts between the expected and results set. Before installing WR, make sure you have a C: Displays whether a test is iinteractive in batch mode. Here’s a DOS batch file using an environment variable to retrieve this file:.

Don’t modify these scripts because they will be replaced whenever Mercurh is installed.

HP WinRunner

But there you can’t click on the “Show TSL” icon after a specific line is highlighted to open the TSL script file at the line number indicated. Event Source of info start run.


It gives an easy interface. In silent mode, WinRunner suppresses messages during a test run so that a test can run unattended. Low High Your c omments on this mercury interactive winrunner 8.2, please: It better supports NS 4.

This will corrupt whatever script and gui map you have open in WinRunner. P ublish this comment publicly. Displays the full path of the verification results directory associated with the current test run. WinRunner automation tool Preparation: Quality Center Test Director. Click here for an alphabetical list of topics: So if WinRunner is operating weirdly, one thing to try is to shut down WinRunner, delete the mercuury.

When WinRunner starts up for the first time, it asks you which addins you want to load. Examples include login, inititating batch processes, etc. Talk To a Human! WinRunner also saves all the expected and actual results of a test run in batch mode in one folder, and displays them in one Test Results window.