An Unruly History , p. For the namesake car, see Oldsmobile Rhythm and blues , rock and roll. Since we didn’t have any amplification, I slapped it so hard the neck had big grooves in it. Sam thinks, I could do this distribution business myself, and on March 27 starts his own Sun Records label.

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And The Beat Goes On: Robert Palmer has written that the amplifier “had fallen from the top of the car”, and brensto this information to Sam Phillips. Anyway, we recorded “Rocket 88” and you know that’s why they say “Rocket 88” was the first rock’n’roll song well, they use the language “It’s been said about ‘Rocket 88′”but the truth of the matter is, I don’t think that “Rocket 88” is rock’n’roll.

Rocket ’88’ – Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats (Chess, ) – Blues Foundation

An attempt was made to hold the cone in place by stuffing the amplifier with wadded newspapers, which unintentionally created a distorted sound; Phillips liked the sound and used it. Personal Finance Show more Personal Finance links. Jackie brenston rocket 88 Campbell wrote, in Popular Music in America: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. For the brejston car, see Oldsmobile Listen to the podcast. What was the First Rock ‘n ‘ Roll Record? Markets Show more Markets links.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Do Not Press. Since we didn’t have any amplification, I slapped it so hard the neck had big grooves in it.

Jackie Brenston creditedIke Turner uncredited. A bunch of teenagers including bandleader Ike Turner ride in their car on Highway Many writers have suggested that “Rocket 88” has strong claims to be called the first rock’n’roll record, but others take a more nuanced view. An Unruly Historyp.

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Memphis Recording ServiceMemphis, Tennessee. Bill Haley and the Saddlemen earthbound predecessors of his Comets recorded it later inbut theirs is a thin, countryish approximation. Nielsen Business Media, Inc. Unsung Heroes roclet Rock’n’Roll. Rock art historian Paul Grushkin wrote: But jackie brenston rocket 88 can’t go too far wrong citing Jackie Brenston’s Chess waxing of “Rocket 88, “is a seminal piece of rock’s fascinating history with all the prerequisite elements firmly in place: In the studio the fallen amplifier has a tear in its speaker cone resulting in a terrible noise distortion.

Report a mispronounced word. A second version of “Rocket 88” was recorded by the then- country music group Bill Haley and the Saddlemen who would later jackie brenston rocket 88 themselves The Comets at a recording session on June 14,after Turner recorded his version. It was the jackiie rhythm and blues single in jukebox plays ofaccording to Billboard magazine, [15] and ninth in record sales, reaching first place on 9 June and staying there for five weeks.


Jackie-Brenston-Rocket – American Blues Scene

The bassline in all these songs, played on an upright bass, jackie brenston rocket 88 a direct descendant of the left-hand brenstpn boogie-woogie piano, the blues-based form that became a craze in the s and s, popularised brenton players such as Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson and Meade Lux Lewis.

Retrieved 16 August So that’s when Sam Phillips got the idea, “Well, man, if I get me a white boy to sound like a black boy, then I got me a gold mine”, which is the truth. The very first Rock-‘n-roll record is born. For the band, see Rocket 88 band. The Prehistory of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Search the FT Search.