Unless you have other copies of the Software Program to be used in connection with other Equipment purchased from Thermo Scientific, or one of its divisions, you must, at the same time, either transfer all your other copies of the Software Program to the transferee of the Equipment or destroy them. Your regional field service representative can also assist you with parts orders. Page 4 If you transfer the Software Program, you must transfer a copy of these License Terms, all other documentation and at least one complete, unaltered copy of the Software Program to the other party. This document also is an unpublished work of Thermo Scientific. Large moving metal should be kept fifty 50 percent further away or at least two 2 times the smaller aperture dimension.

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Page 33 Reject Confirm Reject confirm will require external hardware which may not be installed on your system. Language Select from English, French and Spanish. PHASE Goringg displays the current phase point, the phase state auto, fixedthe mode, and the state of residual compensation. Thermo Scientific Warranty The seller agrees, represents, and warrants that the equipment delivered hereunder shall be free from defects in material and workmanship.

Goring Kerr Manuals – Goring Kerr Metal Detectors

The operation and installation manual for the Thermo Goring Kerr DSP 3 metal detector includes all the new features jerr this workhorse system used in many bread, candy, metal and poultry and bulk powder applications. Sensitivity This menu sets the sensitivity number which the detector is using.

Return, Freight Prepaid To: Telephone country code telephone number Company Name: Goring kerr dsp 2 manual regional field service kerd can also assist you with parts orders. Each model has a different process for setup and is covered in the appropriate manual. It includes the telephone numbers for various departments at Thermo Scientific, the procedure for ordering replacement parts, a Return Material Authorization Form, and the parts list for the product are also included in this chapter.


Salt and moisture content combine to produce conductive product effect which must be overcome in order to detect small metal contaminants. Insure link 2 in the power supply is in the photo eye position see Links on the following page. Search Head The Search Head, which contains the inspection coilsthrough which the Optional product to be monitored is passed.


Each Goring Kerr manual is divided in to two sections. Thermo scientific apex metal detector service guide pages. Typically, low level functions mabual as Select Product, etc.

As part of this document you will find: When purchasing this manual you will receive via email the full factory manual containing all manial original instructions for how to adjust the controls, reject system and fault system. In this mode an interval is set, for example 4 hours. Page Disposal of Hazardous Disposal of lithium batteries and soldered printed circuit boards must be in accordance with your local Hazardous Waste Policy. Page 19 Electrical Installation When choosing the power supply line for the metal detector, it should be remembered that starting of goring kerr dsp 2 manual electrical machinery creates very considerable though momentary voltage drops in the line.

Hanging piping from the reject value may distort the valve body and cause unreliable rejection. Page 32 Photo-Registration If the system is equipped with a photo eye it can be used to increase the accuracy of the reject device.


Page Service Repair and Replacement Parts This chapter provides information about service, repair, and replacement parts for your Thermo Scientific product. Service Data This menu displays service and troubleshooting information.

Goring Kerr, Metal Detector, Model: DSP-2, User Manual

This will not inhibit normal occurring rejects and the test function will return to normal when leaving this menu Exit. Page 36 Learning the Product Press the Learn hard key, then press the Start Learn button and run the product through the detector.

No reject confirm One sensor Two sensor this option monitors both strokes of the reject device Page 34 Product Compensation Metal detectors are capable of detecting metal by measuring two characteristics: Test Reject This button when pressed will activate the reject output. This document also is an unpublished work of Thermo Scientific.

Goring Kerr DSP2 300Khz Metal Detector – SOLD

Thermo Fisher Scientific Customer Contact: Page 37 Sensitivity Path: Omitting either step typically results in erratic performance or lower than expected sensitivity. Csp, the search head must be installed as per the following instructions if correct performance is to be expected. Fax E-mail country code fax number Billing Address However, many food products by nature are electrically conductive themselves.