Fixed a crash that could occur while closing the application while a recording was in progress. If you’d like to talk to us about your needs, please use the ‘Contact Us’ link at the bottom of the page. You can download Capture4ME from http: It can use decoders included with Windows, or your capture device manufacturer’s software, or decoders downloaded from the internet. Below is an approximate list:. Enter the appropriate setting then hit the ‘Scan’ button and it’ll search for channels.

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Google has deprecated the old API we previously used. This tool has become a gamercap transport stream capture tool for those in the TV industry. Setting up gamercap using GamerCap is easy. FF00FF will show the webcam.

GamerCap (free version) download for PC

Double click the server and you’ll see the list of available channels. Hitting the ‘cut at markers’ button will create a new video from the points specified, leaving the original one intact. Users of Windows, Mac, Linux can download it from http: Support We care for our customers, and will do everything we can to ensure things continue gamercap run smoothly.

Gamercap you need to buy multiple keys, or license OEM versions, please user the email link below to gamercap us know your specific needs. I’m having problems streaming to twitch.


This video walks you through the process of running GamerCap, how to record, enabling a web cam and microphone etc. We’ll add more info here. I’ve found a bug. Our company was founded inand started its long relationship with video in We’re happy to discussing bulk licensing and customised versions of existing applications.

Cast4ME does have gamercap multiple-streams-per-digital-device capabilties though, as shown in the screenshot below, where it can be multicasting serveral channels over UDP, and also ready to handle requests for a number of channerls over HTTP, gamercap while using only a single digital TV tuner. We work closely with our customers to help build custom solutions, providing gamercap wide range of services, from the architecture and design, through to the implementation and deployment.

From here gamercap have the option to request gamercap stream via HTTP using a url like the one shown below, ie http: Configuring streaming options You can view your list of channels for streaming on the Channels screen. Added ability to export recordings to. Click HERE to send us an email. Capture4ME does not attempt to be an all-encompassing multimedia center or video editing suite.

The Capture4ME software also includes basic video editing features, and the ability ‘Upload to YouTube’ for those gamercap want to share their videos online.

GamerCap – Our Other Software

GamerCap makes transport stream. Is it possible to create my own custom WebCam frames?

If you want to use this mode, gamercap recommend using a Intel HD or higher chipset to get full advantages of hardware encoding, gamercap a decent processor like Intel i5 or i7 or equivalent AMD. Can your company help me develop my TV or video processing application?


Software Development Services

NextPVR is a free personal video recorder for Microsoft Windows, making it easy to watch or record live tv, and provides useful gamercap like series recordings, web gqmercap. Any modern webcam should be ok. With a DVB-T device, you’re asked to select the country and region. The Channels screen will show the green ‘Available’ next to any channel you can watch. If you intend to use a webcam, or analog device, the requirements are higher, since these require software H.

This gamercap is aimed at advanced gamercap who require more flexibity and have faster machines.

Cast4ME has advanced multiple-streams-per-digital-device capabilties, allowing it to be streaming multiple channel all while using only a single digital TV tuner. We’re able help gamercap with the design and development of your gameracp, from inception to delivery. Use our expertise to ensure you get your architecture and design right the first time.