Bahinabai does not revolt against social traditions and believed denouncement of the world is not the solution to a woman’s suffering. Her son Sopandev, who became a well-known poet, transcribed them. Bahinabai was born in a Mahajan family at Asode in Khandesh region of the present-day Jalgaon district in the year She is considered as a disciple of another Varkari poet-saint Tukaram. She then visited the saint Ramdas and stayed in his company until his death in Developed and Programmed by ekant solutions.

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Inon Tukaram’s death, Bahinabai revisited Dehu and fasted for eighteen bahimabai where, according to the traditional account, she was blessed with a vision of Tukaram again. Others advocate the compromise.

बहिणाबाई चौधरी | Bahinabai | आठवणीतली गाणी | Aathavanitli Gani | Marathi songs lyrics online

Jayaram Swami noticed this and appreciated the bond between bahinabai abhang two, but the people around thought that the calf had strayed into the pandal and drove it out. It was a mysterious illness which finally brought a begrudging alteration in his heart and mind.

Bahina attended the kirtans devotional musical discourses with her family, and as usual, the bhainabai followed her. Her poetry reflects her compromise between her devotion to her husband and her god Vithoba.

It captures the essence of bahinabai abhang life, reflects the culture of village and farming life, and presents her wisdom. Says Bahini, “My husband repented; Pandurang is the inner witness of this change.

Therefore the path of renunciation is not open to her. They wandered bahinabai abhang pilgrims along the banks of river Godavari and begged for grain, as customarily wandering holy men do. Another Light of Bhakti Movement: While other female saints of the bhakti bahinabal renounced their homes, refused marriage or left their undesired husbands, she successfully realized God and uniquely reconciled these two Vedic ideals in the process.


He even threatened to abandon her. How I bahinabai abhang Pandurang and Tukoba! From Wikipedia, bahinabi free encyclopedia. She had also seen Sant Tukaram.

The various gods and family deities were pleaded with in special ways, but there was no abhangg of his sufferings. The family of Bahinabai went to Dehuthe home-town of Tukaram and paid their respects to him. Having been born in a brahmin family, Bahinabai was married to a widower at a young age and spent most of bahinabai abhang childhood wandering around Maharashtra along with her family.

Bahinabai Chaudhari yanchi gaani बहिणाबाई चौधरी यांची गाणी

Following her husband’s death, she led a very difficult life because of the economic, social, cultural, bahinabai abhang emotional circumstances arising out of widowhood. Why did it come to your mind to take up the ascetic’s life? She regrets her female birth as she was kept away from the knowledge of the holy scriptures like Vedas and sacred mantrasby the male-dominated brahmin society.

After bahinahai there for two years they finally decided to settle in Kolhapur, where a learned Brahmin named Bahirambhat gave them shelter in the bahinabai abhang of his house.

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Bahinabai – Wikipedia

When all methods fail to deter her, he decided abjang leave Bahinabai, who was three months pregnant at the time. Bahinabai started reciting the names of God from an early age, while playing with her mates. Indian Hindu religious leaders Marathi people Varkari Indian autobiographers deaths births Hindu female religious leaders Indian women autobiographers 17th-century Hindu religious leaders 17th-century Indian women writers 17th-century Indian non-fiction writers Women writers from Maharashtra Hindu saints 17th-century Indian scholars Indian women scholars Scholars from Maharashtra Women educators from Maharashtra Educators from Maharashtra.


She has described herself as a child who didn’t enjoy playing ordinary games, bajinabai who wanted bahinabai abhang chant God’s name, fix her mind on Him and develope a great love for the poetry of Tukaram. Jayaram Swami realised and explained to Ratnakar how very fortunate he was, for Bahina, he said, was a saint and Yoga-brastha a former yogi under a temporary memory lapse.

Unlike most female-saints who never married or renounced their married life bahinabai abhang God, Bahinabai remained married her entire life. She describes, in her bahinabai abhang Atmamanivedanaher spiritual experiences with a calf and visions of the Varkari’s patron deity Vithoba and Bahinaai.

I made a namaskar there to Tukaram, and quickly came bhainabai to where we lodged. Atre recounts calling the first of Bahinabai’s poems he heard “pure gold” in his introduction to the collection published under the bahknabai Bahinabainchi gani Songs] in by Suchitra Prakashan. She was born in Devagaon in western Maharashtra to Brahman parents who had remained childless for many years. She is believed to have initiated disciples too. Retrieved from ” https: